Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This page is dedicated to propagating the teachings of James J. Strang, the second and, to this date, last Prophet of this dispensation. In his own words....

James J. Strang gathered the faithful of the saints to Voree and then to Beaver Island --places appointed by revelation. He was a Prophet, Seer, Revelator, Translator, and Lawgiver. After his calling, he dedicated his life to the kingdom of heaven.

In 1855, James J. Strang wrote, "As First President, I have regularly presided over the Church and took the direction of its affairs in all the world, according to the law of God.

"As prophet, I have foretold in the name of God, the ills that were coming on men, and directed all who received the word of the Lord how and where to come out from among the wicked, that they receive not of their plagues.

"I have obtained covenants and promises of God and at his hand obtained an everlasting inheritance for the Saints, which I have divided among them by lot, without cost or price. God is our God and we are his people forevermore.

"As a Seer, I have seen the visions of the Almighty, and as a Revelator have received knowledge of his purposes and commandments, and made them known among the children of men. As a translator, I have brought forth hidden treasures, and re­vealed the old record to all who love the truth, and seek unto it. The visions of the past and the hidden lore of future ages are laid by the side of present hopes and future knowledge.

"As an apostle I have borne a faithful testimony of the kingdom and the coming of the Lord Jesus. I have fought a good fight. I have kept the faith. I have not shunned to declare the whole counsel of God. In the treasure‑house of the Almighty there is laid up for me a crown of glory richer than all diadems of earthly kings.

"Of all that dwell on earth, God has made me the most happy. From men I fear no evil. May God bless you abundantly with the same blessings, and especially with the love of the truth. Truly and sincerely, JAMES J. STRANG."

We will from time to time be posting material from me and other individuals who believe in the Restoration, the Atonement, and the Callings of Joseph Smith and James J. Strang. THIS IS NOT A CHURCH! There are Strangite "churches" but I believe the Church of Christ has been taken from the earth. What authority remains is evangelical and pertains to the divine authority to preach the gospel and administer its saving ordinances through the means and authority God laid out in the Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, 1835 Doctrine and Covenants and the Book of the Law of the Lord.

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